Quick guide for the care and handling of all DVD's


  • Discs should be only be held by the outer edge or centre hole.
  • All discs must be kept free of dirt and foreign matter.
  • Store all your discs in there orginial cases in an upright position.
  • Return all your dvd's into their cases straight after use.
  • Store all your discs in a cool, dry, dark place, where the air is clean.
  • Wipe discs with cleaning cloth to remove dirt, fingerprints.
  • Wipe all discs from the centre to the outside in a straight motion.
  • Use correct dvd cleaning agents for removal of all stubborn dirt.


  • Touch the surface of any of your discs.
  • Bend your discs.
  • Use adhesive labels on any of your disks.
  • Store any of your discs horizontially for any lenght of time.
  • Place keep discs in direct heat or humidity.
  • Write on the  data area of your discs.(the area the disc reads)
  • Clean your discs by wiping around your discs. 
Vibrator Care


Never place a vibrator in water unless it is waterproof. If a battery vibrator is placed in water that isn't waterproof, you will risk corroding the battery compartment, causing the motor to stop working.  Most vibrators can be cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth and then letting them dry.  You can also use baby wipes to wipe them down.  Before cleaning remove batteries. 


Condoms provide partners with a safer and more sanitary way to use your vibrator.

Keeping your Vibrator in good condition

  • Hard vibrators are designed for external use.
  • Soft vibrators are designed for internal use.
  • If you need a lubricant it needs to be water based.  Oil based products will destroy your vibrator.
  • Soft vibrators are designed like a guy.  They are designed to be flexed at the tip, but not bent in half - there are wires going up inside and you will break your vibrator.
  • Clean your vibrator after each use. - removing batteries first.
  • Always remove your batteries from the compartment and store separately after use.  This stops conrroding of the battery compartment and helps stop your batteries from draining as well.
  • Remember when purchasing a vibrator they are not designed to last forever.  On average a vibrator last between 3 and 6 months depending on use and care.  Think about it this way and you will never be disappointed.  How much do you spend on a night out - on average between $100 - $200 dollars. How much pleasure did you have,  and then think about how much you spent on your vibrator - and it should last more than one night - with heaps more pleasure...

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