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Quick guide for the care and handling of all DVD's:



-  Discs should be only be held by the outer edge or centre hole.

-  All discs must be kept free of dirt and foreign matter.

-  Store all your discs in there orginial cases in an upright position.

-  Return all your dvd's into their cases straight after use.

-  Store all your discs in a cool, dry, dark place, where the air is clean.

-  Wipe discs with cleaning cloth to remove dirt, fingerprints.

-  Wipe all discs from the centre to the outside in a straight motion.

-  Use correct dvd cleaning agents for removal of all stubborn dirt.



-  Touch the surface of any of your discs.

-  Bend your discs.

-  Use adhesive labels on any of your disks.

-  Store any of your discs horizontially for any lenght of time.

-  Place keep discs in direct heat or humidity.

-  Write on the  data area of your discs.(the area the disc reads)

-  Clean your discs by wiping around your discs.